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Tap into the power of Journaling to help you start and integrate new habits, establish positive behavior patterns, enrich your life, and experience multiple rewards including emotional and psychological health.

Giving Thanks

One-year Gratitude Journal

Discover How to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude!

The act of giving thanks can transform the way you experience challenges, conflict and the world around you. Embracing gratitude is an important daily exercise that empowers you to grow in love, joy, and peace - and the best part? You can enjoy the lasting benefits of gratitude and thankfulness in just a few minutes a day.

Get a full years' worth of journal pages with plenty of space to describe your intention for the week, the best parts of your week, what you learned about yourself, and what you're grateful for!

Finding Happiness Journal

Happiness can be easier to find
than you might think...

When you create the habit of finding happiness wherever you might be, suddenly it's a lot easier to find. Happiness doesn't have to be earth-shaking - it can be the smile a stranger gives you during your morning commute, a co-worker that tells a silly joke at just the right moment, or the unexpectedly smooth entrance into your latest Zoom conference.

Taking note of happiness gets easier when you do it on a regular basis - and each page of this 100+ page journal has ample space to write down what makes you happy. This journal includes inspirational quotes and a reminder that happiness can be simple.

I've Been Thinking Journal

What we think about can change
the course of our lives...

Staying in a constant back-and-forth with your thoughts can be inspirational and drive you to action, or it can be a millstone around your neck that holds you back. Whatever thoughts are occupying your mind, write them down and get them out of your head and down onto paper where you can analyze and consider them more clearly.

Once you've written down your thoughts and inspiration, they become more real to you, and you begin to generate greater energy toward making the positive outcome a reality. This journal includes inspirational quotes, and 100+ pages with plenty of space to write.

Affirmations Journal

Affirmations are powerful allies...

They can help you program or reprogram your mindset, strengthen connections between your conscious & subconscious mind, and help you change your life. Journaling can help solidify the affirmations in your mind - writing them down as you say them aloud, with confidence, engages two separate parts of your brain and gives the affirmation twice the power.

When you purchase today, you'll receive:

  • A guide to affirmations and how you can use them in your daily life
  • 10 Prompts to help you get started and quotes to keep you motivated
  • Space to journal your affirmations and document your progress

You'll receive a spiral-bound journal with over one hundred pages, helpful affirmations to empower you to start right away, and lots of room to write.

Habit Journal

The perfect tool for creating, detailing
and manifesting new habits...

A habit is a regular action or practice - and it's likely that you have many unconscious habits that have built up over time. Unfortunately, these built-up habits are typically not the best types.

Good habits need to be developed and practiced intentionally. They can help you create a new, fresh, and better you. The power of these small activities develops over an extended period of time, and you'll need time to change them.

According to a study from Lally et al entitled "How are Habits Formed: Modeling Habit Formation in the Real World," it takes an average of 66 days - a little over two months - for an activity to become "automatic."

When you purchase today, and start creating your desired new habits, you'll receive:

  • Top Tips for creating small habits that can help turn your life around
  • How Small Habits can help turn your life around, plus Actionable Steps to help you get started
  • Ways to Crush Bad Habits through Visualization

You'll receive a spiral-bound journal with plenty of room to track your habits for an entire year, and additional pages to document your thoughts and reflections.

Meditation Journal

In today's busy, rush-rush, overstimulated world, our minds are often cluttered...

Heavy workloads, busy lifestyles, stress, anxiety and depression - its no wonder we are in need of help! For thousands of years, meditation has been the answer to for many, many people, and now you can tap into the power and promise of meditation as a practical and regular healthy activity. 

When you purchase today, you'll receive a spiral-bound journal with over one hundred pages, quotes to inspire you, and prompts to help you document your progress. Meditation can help you clear a path to your goals - don't wait any longer, get started today!

Healthy Goals Journal

Set goals for your Food consumption and Physical Health with a focus on flexibility and specifics...

Use the Healthy Goals journal to help you track your food intake and to make better decisions on how you fuel the engine that is your human body.

Start with documenting healthy foods you like, those you want to eat more of, foods you should limit, and those you should avoid. Combine this data with monthly health, diet / nutrition, and fitness goals, link them to good habits, and add your honest reflections, and you'll be well on your way!

My Ideas Journal

Ideas can be fleeting - drifting in and out of our consciousness like butterflies in a meadow...

They can also be insistent - coming to us repeatedly until we act on them. One way to keep the flow of ideas coming and to help you keep track of them is with the "My Ideas" journal. Plenty of space to write down your ideas, plus quotes that will motivate you and enhance your creativity.

When you purchase today, you'll receive a spiral-bound journal with over one hundred pages, quotes on each page to boost your creative juices from some of the greatest human minds in history, and plenty of space to document your ideas and your progress.

Goal Journal

Setting and achieving your goals requires consistent, focused effort, and a way to keep yourself accountable...

Dreaming is essential for a powerful and positive life, but if you never take action to achieve your dreams, they may just be pretty pictures. Baby steps forward to help you reach your goals are the way to authentic accomplishment. Setting goals on a weekly basis - short-term goals - are the building blocks you can use to rise above any challenge. Tracking your goals by the week helps you to stay focused, and this Goal Journal is a wonderful way to move forward.

Each week, you'll find space to set your main goal for the week, note the steps you can take to achieve it, and set a reward for making progress. You'll also find space to note obstacles, how you'll deal with them, an accountability partner, and a deadline, plus space for your thoughts and feelings.

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