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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Dianne Daniels
About The Spiritually Authentic Woman Daily Checklist Course

Learn how 7 simple, powerful daily questions and the power of journaling can empower you to center your spirituality and manifest authenticity every single day.

This course will help you eliminate negative patterns and false spirituality. You'll learn how to love your spiritual self and develop a daily journaling habit that empowers you.

Click the audio below to hear Dianne's introduction - "About the Teacher"

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Leverage the broader concept of spirituality and it's many perspectives to find the definition that works best for you.


Authenticity deals with proven facts - that's part of the full definition - but when it concerns human beings, we are far more than the proven facts about us would indicate.

It's time to plant your flag - decide to make a consistent effort in your own life and every aspect of your life to be REAL. Honor who you truly are inside and let that show on the outside. Knowing who you are is the first part of the battle, and then being ready to let the rest of the world KNOW about who you are is the rest. Choose to honor your spirit and live the life that is true to you - be a Spiritually Authentic Woman!

You’ve completed The Spiritually Authentic Woman Daily Checklist course – Congratulations! You’ll see links below for all of the articles and audios for the course, in addition to a download link for the full 30-day journal. Thank you for taking my course, and please send me feedback on the course, the audios, and the Journal – you can reach me directly at dianne(at)diannemdaniels.com Let me know what other subjects you’d like more information on, any questions you have, and keep an eye out for upcoming announcements on my TIPS Reports plus Audio – powerful and proven information with a list of three actionable steps to help you conquer challenges, a suggested reading list for long-lasting positive change, and an audio version you can use anywhere. Thank you! Dianne M. Daniels, CEO & Founder

About the Teacher

Dianne Daniels

Hi, I'm Dianne - Minister, Spiritual Director / Companion, and passionate advocate for women. My heart's desire is to empower women to create and live a Spiritually Authentic life.Far too many times, women hear conflicting and challenging messages about spirituality and authenticity and what those words mean for who we are, and who we want to be.The spiritual and emotional weight of conflicting messages about your worth and value as a woman can be heavy on your spirit.My goal? Empower you to throw off that dead weight and set your spirit free to walk a path that fits who you authentically are - ALL of who you are.I created this course to give women in particular a starting point for developing their own unique, spiritually authentic journey. I grew up "unchurched" and when I married, I tried to follow my husband's religion but couldn't reconcile some of the more restrictive attitudes about women and speaking up.I needed to find a path for myself that celebrated ALL of who I was, and that encouraged me to show love for myself, to affirm who I was, and gave me tools to change old, negative patterns. I've put what I learned into this course to help YOU begin your journey toward Spiritual Authenticity.

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