Center Your Spirituality and Manifest Authenticity Every Single Day

Learn how 7 simple, powerful, daily questions +
the Power of Journaling can Empower you as you create and manifest a Spiritually Authentic Life

Why this course?

Focused, consistent effort is the key to long-lasting change. The never-ending news cycle prevents us from getting away from the unwelcome reports of more sickness and death, our lives are in upheaval, and what used to be "normal" feels extremely far away.

Simple and clear information, applied daily, can empower you to make magnificent changes in your life. Start where you are - you can make changes that will last a lifetime as you turn the next 30 days into your own personal, spiritually authentic journey toward the life (and the person) you genuinely WANT to be.

Resolve Conflicting Messages

Throw off the dead weight of conflicting messages about your worth and value as a woman and set your spirit free.

Celebrate ALL of Who You Are

Show love for yourself, affirm who you are, learn about and implement tools to help you change old, negative patterns.

Live a Spiritually Authentic Life

Discover your spiritual, authentic self - genuine and real, not false, copied, or defined by others.

The Course Creator:
Dianne M. Daniels

Hi, I'm Dianne - Minister, Spiritual Director / Companion, and passionate advocate for women. My heart's desire is to empower women to create and live a Spiritually Authentic life.

I created this product to give women 35+ a starting point for developing their own unique, spiritually authentic journey. I grew up "unchurched" - my parents were not big churchgoers but preferred to worship in their own way.

When I married, I tried to follow my husband's religion - the one he had been raised with - but couldn't reconcile some of the more restrictive attitudes about women and speaking up.

I needed to find a path for myself that celebrated ALL of who I was that encouraged me to show love for myself, to affirm who I was, and gave me tools to help me change old, negative patterns. I've put a LOT of what I learned and what I know into this course to help YOU start your journey toward Spiritual Authenticity.

What's Included

Immediate access to all three (3) course modules and downloadable articles & course audios

Introduction: The Spiritually Authentic Woman

  • Module 1: Defining Spirituality
  • Module 2: Defining Authenticity
  • Module 3: What is a Spiritually Authentic Woman?
  • Downloads: Articles, Course Audios, sample Journal pages

You'll receive a 30-day, full-sized, comb-bound physical Journal with space to write your answers to the questions in each Daily Checklist. It will empower you to get your thoughts, feelings, and impressions out of your head and down on paper, plus create a record you can refer to for greater understanding!

You'll receive three (3) clear and actionable articles to help you

  • Understand how journaling will benefit your spiritual and emotional self-development
  • How to get started with journaling
  • How to create a daily journaling habit.

    Complete your transformation with seven (7) companion Audio files, available for immediate download, which will reinforce your positive changes and empower you to make them STICK!

Downloadable audio files plus a companion CD:


    *I am a Spiritual Being
    *I Manifest My Inner Spiritual Warrior


Affirmations & How They Can Work for You
 Find and Take the Blessing from Every Lesson
    Live a Spiritually Authentic Life Every Day
    Who Are You - Manifesting Your Spiritually Authentic Identity

PLUS: Instructions on how to make Affirmations work for you


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