In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. From sharing adorable cat photos to breakfast snapshots, it’s a platform where we express ourselves. But there’s more to it than meets the eye! When used thoughtfully, social media can be a beautiful canvas to showcase the little things that bring us joy.

1. Embrace Pinterest for Your Passions: If you’re new to Pinterest, dive right in by creating boards that celebrate your favorite treasures – those found in your local area, or ones you’ve discovered in your travels or work. It could be a board dedicated to the tunes of your beloved bands, singers whose voices evoke emotions, or a collection of tried-and-true recipes. Want to make it even more exciting? Set up some group boards and invite others to join. It’s a fantastic way to discover what resonates with your online tribe while keeping spammers at bay.

2. Share Your Culinary Adventures on Twitter: Love posting about your meals? Consider Twitter / X for these culinary updates. Its quick, concise format is perfect for sharing your gastronomic delights without overwhelming your friends on Facebook. Have you found new recipes that help raise your spirits, power you forward in your fitness goals, or bring you joy in the kitchen? Share those and perhaps a little story about how you found them and why they are important to you. You can go beyond photos of your lunch or dinner and uplift your fellow Pinterest enthusiasts without resorting to boring photos of your lunchbox – remember, not everyone is as enthusiastic about your lunch as you are,but tips on your favorite nourishing or self-care ingredients might just be a hit!

3. Respect Copyright and Privacy: While celebrating life’s moments on social media, it’s crucial to play by the rules. Copyright infringement is a serious matter – legal and financial consequences can be hefty. When in doubt about using an image, it’s best to assume you shouldn’t. Always ensure you have the right to post pictures of people by seeking their permission, especially if they’re not close friends. Treat others’ images as you’d want yours to be treated – with respect and kindness.

4. Be Mindful of Content: While some platforms may allow more explicit content, carefully considering what you’re comfortable sharing is essential. If you wouldn’t want your mother to see it, it might not be the best fit for social media. Remember, our digital footprint reflects who we are, so let’s make it positive! What you post lasts a LONG time – even “mistakes” that are deleted quickly still leave a footprint, so think before you post!

In a world filled with social media noise, let’s use these platforms to spread positivity, celebrate the small joys, and connect with others who share our passions. Together, we can create a digital space that’s inspiring, respectful, and full of appreciation for life’s beautiful moments.

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Journal Prompts: The Art of Appreciation through Social Media

  1. Social Media Gratitude: Reflect on a recent positive experience on social media that made you feel grateful or inspired. What was it about this experience that touched you, and how can you incorporate more of such moments into your online presence?
  2. My Digital Self-Improvement Journey: Describe how you’ve used social media as a tool for self-improvement. Have you discovered valuable resources, joined supportive communities, or found inspiration through others’ posts? Share your personal growth story.
  3. Online Connections: Write about a meaningful connection you’ve made on social media with someone who shares your interests in self-improvement or personal development. How has this connection enriched your journey, and what have you learned from it?
  4. Digital Affirmations: Create and share a positive affirmation tailored to your online presence. How can this affirmation help you maintain a constructive and uplifting digital footprint? Write about the impact you hope it will have on your interactions.
  5. Balancing Screen Time: Reflect on your screen time habits and how they align with your self-improvement goals. Are there areas where you’d like to strike a better balance between online and offline life? What steps can you take to achieve this equilibrium?
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Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and currently residing in Norwich, Connecticut, Dianne M. Daniels' mission is to empower women 50+ to Amplify their Self-Confidence, Deepen their Self-Knowledge, Inspire Creativity, and Glide into the next phase of their lives with the Power of Journaling, Affirmations, and Assessments.

You can learn how to use these time-tested proven practices to create and manifest the life you want (and deserve) to live.

Dianne is an ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Starr King School for the Ministry. She's an avid reader, a lover of old houses (she renovated an 1850s vintage Greek Revival home with her family) and has been journaling since the age of 9.

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