How Gratitude Can Benefit You

Physical benefits of Gratitude

  • Stronger immune system
  • Less bothered by aches, pains and discomfort
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Encouraged to exercise more and take better care of your health
  • Sleep longer and feel more rested upon waking

Psychological & Social benefits of Gratitude

  • Feeling more helpful, generous, compassionate and forgiving
  • More positive emotions like joy, pleasure, optimism and happiness
  • Feeling more alert, alive and awake
  • Experiencing less loneliness and isolation

Why Use a Gratitude Journal?

Practice and Action

A Gratitude Journal encourages you to pay attention to the wonderful and positive things in your life, and to record them. When you start writing down what you're grateful for, you'll become more in tune with the everyday sources of joy, pleasure, and yes, gratitude around you. Expressing your joy and gratitude will have a positive effect on the emotional tone of your life - putting the practice of noticing the good into action will sharpen your vision and help you not take your life for granted.

Be Accountable, Be Appreciative

Keeping a journal helps you to develop a practice that keeps you focused on what's going on in your day. Knowing you're going to write about your day can encourage you to stretch out and reach for a goal you might have let slide. Journaling about Gratitude will help you become more accountable to developing an attitude of appreciation and to enjoy happier days. Writing down what you're grateful for encourages awareness, deepening the emotional impact. 

Tap into the Power of Gratitude

Experiencing and intentionally noticing gratitude helps you to acknowledge the goodness in your life. It can help you feel more positive emotions - and we can all use more of those! Keeping a Gratitude journal can help you to remember and enjoy good experiences - and tap into those good feelings repeatedly. You can improve your health with a Gratitude Journal as you get things "off your mind" and record them for later consideration and figuring out how to handle the challenges that life can bring you.

About the Author

Dianne M. Daniels

Dianne M. Daniels is a Course Creator, Writer, Unitarian Universalist Minister, and Spiritual Director dedicated to empowering women with the proven practices of Affirmations and Journaling to create and manifest the life they want and deserve to live. 

Dianne's unique style includes a focus on time-tested and proven methods, with a healthy dose of personal empowerment and the joy of discovering the depths of our perfectly imperfect hearts and spirits. 

Dianne holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Kaplan University, a Master of Divinity degree from Starr King School for the Ministry and certification as a Spiritual Companion and Director through Still Harbor.

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