Code of Ethics for Spiritual Care Providers

This code of ethics was edited to include my name and specific references to congregations I am connected to and serve (or have served in the past) as of March 2022.

Aware of my role as a religious leader and conscious of my obligations to the church community I serve, I, Dianne M. Daniels, as a Spiritual Care Provider, support this Code of Ethical Conduct.


Because religious life is a growing life, I will honor and pursue my own needs for spiritual growth, ethical integrity, and continuing education to deepen and strengthen myself and my ministry. As far as possible, I will participate in the activities and programs of my congregation or other covenanted faith community.

I will strive to know and understand myself, with all my strengths and limitations.

I will respect my own needs as a person, value the standards and integrity of my commission, and expect others to honor these in their personal and work relations with me.

Congregational Community

I am committed to fulfilling with integrity, self-discipline, and full application of my ability, my responsibilities as agreed upon by members of the congregation, the Board of Trustees, and the professional ministry staff of the church of which I am a member, or of churches I serve.

In accordance with the tradition of our movement, I believe that the church belongs to the congregation; by my example, I will respect congregational tradition and polity.

I will not use the power of my position to promote my own personal agenda, but to discern and pursue in all actions what is best for the life of the congregation.

I will respect the confidentiality of communications between myself and members of the church community.

I will facilitate inclusiveness, respect, and openness toward all points of view when planning and participating in church programs.

I will refrain from private as well as public words or actions degrading to the leadership or ministry of my congregation or destructive of congregational life.

In any private conversation critical of such a person, I will speak responsibly and temperately, and only in the interests of congregational health.

I will respect the confidentiality of communications between myself and members of the congregation.

If I have a conflict with a member of the professional leadership of the congregation, I will seek to resolve the conflict according to recognized conflict-solving practices.

If I am asked to become involved in a conflict between others, I will seek to resolve the conflict according to recognized conflict-solving practices, including referring the affected parties to someone else who is more appropriate for handling the situation.


In sharing religious leadership with the professional minister(s), other staff persons, and other lay leaders, I will work in cooperation and consultation with them in accordance with mutually agreed upon responsibilities.

I will support the religious leaders with whom I work, encouraging communication, understanding, and empathy in personal and public situations.

I will respect the confidentiality of communications between myself and other religious leaders.

I will share religious leadership endeavors and responsibilities in an open, honest, and ethical manner.

I will not interfere with, nor participate in, any activities or actions in the church that undermine the roles of other church leaders.

The Larger Community

In word and deed, I will live and speak in ways that represent the best Unitarian Universalist tradition and principles, as well as tradition and principles representing Rootwork / Hoodoo in the larger community.
I will participate when feasible in community activities, serving as a model of religious and ethical leadership, and facilitating a process of openness and trust.

I will live and speak in ways that reflect integrity upon the churches I currently serve or have served in the past – the Unitarian Universalist Church of Norwich (my home church) and/or Unitarian Society of Hartford (my internship church).

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