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Picture this: you’re in a place where the energy can be felt from your nose to your toes…

Curiosity is your compass, and every step you take is full of your zest for life.

This isn’t another world or the beginning of a science-fiction story — it’s the landscape of your own personal potential.

When life pushes you into a corner, remember—you possess a dynamic, intriguing, vivacious, and authentic spirit – a (DIVA) spirit ready to be unleashed. In the narrative of your life, there’s a chapter where you rise, not despite the challenges, but because of them.

Welcome to your personal renaissance, where we transform ‘funk’ into ‘fervor’ and ‘rut’ into ‘resilience.’

Identifying the DIVA Framework

The DIVA framework isn’t just an acronym; it’s a roadmap to excavating the personal treasures within you.

Dynamic energy fuels action – even when you might feel like you don’t know which way to turn. Release your energy and chase away that cloud of negative and “give-upness” and tap into the dynamite in your soul.

Intrigue drives curiosity – use your senses and discover the questions you want to ask. Why are these questions coming up for you now? What inspired them? Have you seen these issues or patterns before, and what did you do to resolve them? Use your natural curiosity to plan your next best move.

Your Vivacious spirit brings your energy and activity to the forefront and colors your world with joy. You have the potential to be one of those indomitable women who use their energy and power to push through obstacles and deny the negative mindset ANY place with you.

Authenticity is the signature of your true self. No game-playing, no convenient lies – you live your life with honesty and take actions that resonate with your head and your heart. No being blown about in the winds of what’s “popular” for you – you plant your feet firmly, do what you know to be right, and protect your assets and those you love.

When a funk looms, tap into these elements—your inherent allies within – and chase that funk away! There’s no room for a cloud of negativity in the life of a DIVA!

Where to Start?

Ask yourself, how can my DIVA energy create positive change in my life?

  • Engage in activities that align with your passions. Be the dynamic and energetic spark in the lives of others through volunteering, and watch how that glow reflects back on you.
  • Curiosity isn’t idle—it helps to reveal hidden truths. Embrace it by learning something new, perhaps about those you help or a place you visit, even on a staycation. It’s the gateway to an intriguing life and discovering even more about yourself.
  • Vivacity is your heart’s laughter. Find it in the simple joys—sharing a smile, a moment of gratitude with family. Craft a routine that infuses this cheerful energy into your daily life, no matter what else is going on around you.
  • Authenticity is your soul’s compass. Take intentional quiet time to listen to the whispers of your heart and soul and follow their direction. Through journaling, meditation, or another introspective practice, chart a course that resonates with your genuine self.
  • If you are partnered, make strengthening your relationship a priority, and with your companion, nurture your bond with regular date nights.

Your journey is valid, your feelings are recognized, and your growth is celebrated. Words are not just a form of communication; they’re the building blocks of your reality. Speak to yourself with kindness and encouragement, as a dear friend would.

There’s power in stories—find inspiration in those who’ve embodied the DIVA spirit. Whether it’s a local hero who volunteers tirelessly, a friend who always has a cheerful word or a public figure whose authenticity shines through their actions, let their stories fuel your journey.

Journaling Prompts to Help You Snap Out of a Funk

Use one or more of these prompts to start or deepen your personal journaling practice. Give yourself time to think about what the prompt brings up for you and explore your feelings on paper. If you need a journal, click HERE to see our available journals.

  1. Describe a time when your dynamic energy was contagious. What happened, and how did it make you feel?
  2. Reflect on something new that sparked your curiosity recently. What initially grabbed your attention?
  3. List five moments this week when you felt lively, animated, high-spirited, and full of life. What can you do to replicate that experience more often?
  4. What does being authentic mean to you, and how do you express it?
  5. Recall an act of kindness that made you feel empowered. What was your response, and would you have changed it at all? Why or Why not?

Affirmations to Boost Your DIVA Qualities

Read the set of related affirmations below aloud. It’s important to your conscious and subconscious mind to hear the affirmations said in your own voice. Choose one or two of the affirmations from the set to start working with. You only need one or two affirmations, used consistently, to make a substantial change in your life.

Choose one affirmation that feels easy to you and choose another that generates resistance or disbelief. The idea is to practice extending your current self-imposed limits and encourage growth.

Say your chosen affirmation loud enough for your mind to hear your voice saying the words and take notice of how you feel as you begin and as you continue your practice. Repeat your chosen affirmation multiple times a day for at least 30 days and reinforce your affirmation by writing it in your journal.

You can change your life by beginning an affirmation practice – using one or two favorite affirmations over the course of 30 to 60 days can permanently change your mindset and your life.

  1. I am a reservoir of dynamic energy, ready to empower myself and others.
  2. My curiosity is a gateway to an intriguing and fulfilling life.
  3. Every day, I choose to live with a vivacious spirit that brightens the world around me.
  4. I am committed to authenticity; it’s my truth and my strength.
  5. Through kindness and self-reflection, I continually improve and empower my journey.

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About the Author Dianne M Daniels

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and currently residing in Norwich, Connecticut, Dianne M. Daniels' mission is to empower women 50+ to Amplify their Self-Confidence, Deepen their Self-Knowledge, Inspire Creativity, and Glide into the next phase of their lives with the Power of Journaling, Affirmations, and Assessments.

You can learn how to use these time-tested, proven practices to create and manifest the life you want (and deserve) to live.

Dianne is an ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister with a Master of Divinity degree from Starr King School for the Ministry. She's an avid reader, a lover of old houses (she renovated an 1850s vintage Greek Revival home with her family) and has been journaling since the age of 9.

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