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1 Lesson - Easy

The report is an empowering guide designed for professional women aged 50 and above who seek self-awareness and meaningful change in their lives with help from the time-tested self-knowledge tool - Journaling. This easy-to-understand-and-implement guide is the perfect antidote to the 'fear of the blank page'. It offers rich, practical techniques that will transform the daunting blank page into a canvas of self-exploration and growth.

It features nine powerful techniques to empower your journaling journey, three immediately actionable steps to integrate the techniques into your daily life, and a curated list of Amazon resources to augment your practice.

Embrace this opportunity to uncover the depths of your inner world, redefine your perspective, and reclaim your power in these challenging times.

16 Lessons - Intermediate

Wouldn't it be great if we could remember what we were doing or thinking a week ago? How about just a few days ago? Just ONE day ago?

Knowing (and recording) the events of your life can help you to grow - to realize your personal potential, recognize your strengths, and help you minimize and deal with your weaknesses.

There's no better way to encourage personal growth than through the practice of Journaling - far beyond what you may have known as a "diary" as a child, journaling can empower you to:

* Reduce Mistakes
* Explore beyond words using photographs, drawings, and other creative expressions
* Enhance your innate creativity
* Measure your progress
* Improve your self-development journey.

All of this and more is possible when you create and maintain a journaling practice.

4 Lessons - Easy

Focused and consistent effort is the key to long-lasting change. Our modern society's never-ending news cycle prevents us from getting away from the unwelcome reports of tragedy, sickness and death, the upheavals in our collective society, and what used to be "normal" feels extremely far away.

Simple and clear information, applied daily, can empower you to make magnificent changes in your life. Start where you are - you can make changes that will last a lifetime as you turn the next 30 days into your own personal, spiritually authentic journey toward the life (and the person) you genuinely WANT to be.

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