Let's Work Together!

I want to get to know you better - what your spiritual & religious life and journey have been like, what current / past spiritual or religious practices you've had experience with, and some of the joys and challenges you've had.

My Spiritual Direction Assessment will help you to describe your experiences and reveal what you'd like to receive from Spiritual Direction, and how I may best accompany you during your spiritual journey.

Why work with Me

Spiritual Direction & Companionship is a contemplative process (one which draws you into stillness) offering one-on-one accompaniment that unfolds through spiritual listening, presence and reflection with attention to what is meaningful and sacred to you, my client. I'll work with you through a process of examining and exploring your spiritual path, utilizing my training in deep listening and discernment.

Spiritual Direction is a practice that can function well in a hectic, multi-faith world - it's about helping you as my client to become more attentive regarding the presence of divinity/spirit/the sacred, noticing where it is most deeply felt, and assisting you on your spiritual journey. 

Whether you call divinity God, Spirit, Allah, Tao, the Universe, the Ground of All Being, what is Sacred, or some other term, Spiritual Direction gives you access to a professional relationship where I as your companion practice deep listening regarding your spiritual story and I'll walk with you as you explore a deeper relationship with divinity.

Deep Listening

To empower you to find and follow our own spiritual path

Insightful, open-ended questions

To help you connect with your authentic self

Space for stillness and silence

To help you become aware of and explore what's deep within you


To build trust and openness by providing authentic, kind, and open conversations and interactions


As you make your individual and unique spiritual journey, including a process that honors your free will and discernment


Empowering you to build a stronger relationship with yourself, others, and God / Spirit / the Universe / your name for Divinity

How the DSM Spiritual Direction Assessment Works

The assessment form contains 11 questions that describe your current and past spiritual / religious practices, experiences, joys, and challenges. Your answers will help me to get to know you better. 

Once you complete the Assessment, you'll be able to schedule a Spiritual Direction Assessment Review with me to discuss your answers, allow you to get to know me better, and determine if we'd like to work together.


Click below to start the Assessment - allow at least 15 minutes to complete the form. The questions are in essay form to allow you freedom in answering them with short, clear answers.


First, you'll complete the personal information section of the form - your contact information is important. You'll be sent a copy of the assessment once you've finished.


After you submit your completed assessment, you'll be able to schedule an Assessment Review with me - please allow at least 48 hours between assessment completion and your appointment to allow me time to review and prepare for the appointment.


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