The mission: Empower Women 35+ to Uplift their Soul and Build Healthy Self-Esteem with Affirmations and Journaling

You can create a powerful and peaceful Life that honors who you were, who you are, and all that you want to become. 

Living that life includes finding sources of meaning, hope, love, comfort, strength, and connection - you can do it, and I'd love to help!

Dianne M. Daniels
CEO & Founder

Course Creator | Writer | Minister

So... Who are you, Dianne?

Multi-Passionate, Multi-Religious, Spiritual

Hi! Dianne here. I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, great-great-aunt, Course Creator, Writer, and Unitarian-Universalist Minister who's passionate about helping women to live their best lives - the ones THEY define. 

I had to pivot from what I learned and was taught about what it meant to be a woman, how I could (and should) define myself, and how I could combat the mixed messages and challenges I saw every single day at an early age. As I matured and grew, as I read and studied, I discovered that there were tools available to me to boost and reinforce a positive image of myself as opposed to what "society" was pushing. I learned to celebrate my strengths and accept my weaknesses while I worked on them, and I could do that while learning about my authentic self.

I didn't have to accept anyone else's definition of who I am - I have the last word on ME.

No one group of people, no one faith has an absolute LOCK on the truth, on goodness, on spirituality or on authenticity.

Now I'm focused on empowering women who've felt the same uncertainty, the desire to improve, and the need to discover and live into their authentic selves to resolve the conflicts that can occur between what we've been taught about our power to change and shape what's happening in our lives; between our growth as perfectly imperfect human beings and what "society" will try to convince us is right for us as women. 

All of this happens with self-development processes that have existed for millennia: Affirmations, combined with Journaling for deep personal insight that encourages and empowers your personal growth and strength.

How I Grew Up...

I grew up with a message I'm sure many of you can relate to: Go to school, go to college, get a good education, get a good, respectable job, get married, create a family, and live happily ever after. 

I received my first journal (aka diary) around the age of nine - I had just experienced the unexpected and traumatic loss of my father. He died from a stroke when I was just 9 years old. He was my hero - nothing could take my Daddy down...unfortunately, a stroke doesn't care about the hopes and wishes of a little girl from Detroit. My refuge was my diary - in it, I could write down what I was feeling when I couldn't seem to speak the words. It was mine - a secret - and even came with a little gold lock and key to keep it safe.

I poured out my heart in that diary - what I thought about, what made me laugh, what made me cry, and how much I missed my Daddy. I wrote about what I learned, people I met, and my school activities. As I grew older, I "graduated" from the small vinyl-bound diaries to blank lined notebooks (extras of the ones I used in school) and finally to cloth and leather-bound blank lined books better known as journals.

The more I wrote, the better I felt, a pattern that continues to this very day. Writing down the events of my life and my feelings about them gives me grace, a way to clarify my thoughts, deal with my emotions, ask questions, and receive inspiration. Even when I wasn't feeling my best, I could always go to my journal and let off steam or reconsider my actions and thoughts and change them for the better.

That's where the Affirmations came in. I, thanks to my mother, held a firm belief that thoughts are things and that words carry power. If you speak negatively about yourself, your life and what you're experiencing often enough, for long enough, you begin to act to make those statements true.

Finding My Path...

After discovering Affirmations and trying them for myself, I'd found a way to change things in my life according to what I wanted - not what "they" - prevailing wisdom from societal pundits and other who simply didn't know ME - I began my Affirmation practice in earnest.

Affirmations have helped me to overcome bad habits, heal old wounds and relationships, change my thinking, and discover much more about my strengths as well as how to deal with my challenges. I KNOW that I can change anything in my life by combining Affirmations and Action, and by keeping track of my process in a journal, I can repeat my successes and learn from my failures while turning them around.

Now, I'm putting my time and effort into creating self-paced and instructor-led courses to help empower other women who want the same things that I did - a reliable and repeatable way to uplift my soul and build healthy self-esteem.

It's that mission that drives me forward, and I hope that you'll find value in it and in the materials and services I provide.

Who Inspires You?

I'm inspired by strong, beautiful, intelligent, and FABULOUS women who live unapologetic lives that are passionately authentic - like author, actress, comedienne, social media consultant / star, activist, television, and YouTube personality Franchesca (Chescaleigh / Chescalocs) Ramsey.

Franchesca is blazing her OWN trail - she first took the world by storm with her YouTube commentary on racial issues ("Sh*t White Girls Black Girls") that went seriously viral. She's also a writer, producer and performer who has appeared on MTV ("Decoded"), Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore," the television series "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell," and MSNBC.

She's pursuing passion projects and work that celebrates ALL of who she is and who she's becoming. She is unafraid and unapologetic about just what she stands for, and I'm a definite fan of hers.

Who Inspires You? (Part 2)

I'm also inspired by legendary women of the stage and screen. 

They had to fight (and continue to fight) through prejudice and bias, through an industry that does not always celebrate their beauty or reality.

The industry continues to perpetrate unrealistic portrayals of women as objects to be desired, acquired and owned, but not as brilliant, powerful individuals with important things to say and the knowledge and drive to make things happen.

Who Inspires You? (Part 3)

I'm inspired by many of my fellow UU ministers - men and women who lead with their hearts, use their brilliance to uplift and help others, and who represent the best of what our faith has to offer while keeping it REAL and helping work through the struggles and challenges of a heart-centered faith.

Who Inspires You? (Part 4)

One of my newer, yet most impactful and valuable resources is my BLUU Family.  Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism ( provides spiritually sound, culturally relevant content that is affirming, inclusive, action-oriented, and grounded in the lived experiences and diverse perspectives of Black Unitarian Universalists.

I am proud to count myself among the BLUU Beloveds - seeking to further connect, build community and develop leadership within the work of BLUU and their connection to broader liberation movements.

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