August 31, 2020

Commitment can be defined as the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity – what if instead (or in addition to) a cause or activity, you were dedicated to your own self-development?

You deserve to be the focus of your own efforts – you deserve the dedication of your own energy, intelligence and personal power to help you create and manifest the life you WANT to lead.

Being committed to something – I suggest to yourself – means that you’re working to get from the current state to a future state, and no matter what obstacles appear, you’re determined to keep moving forward, keep getting better and stronger – realizing your human and spiritual potential.

Growth can be uncomfortable, but it is absolutely necessary – and it begins with being committed to the idea of growth, then to taking focused, positive action to make that growth happen.

What do you want to change in your life? What do you want more of, to be better at, to develop greater strength and capacity for?

Start now to plan your next moves – begin with baby steps, positive steps, where you put one foot in front of the other as you walk toward what you want MORE of in your life, and walk AWAY from what you want to leave behind.

About the Author Dianne Daniels

Dianne M. Daniels is a wife, mother, grandmother, great-great-aunt, Unitarian-Universalist Minister, Spiritual Director & Companion that empowers intelligent, passionate women to discover and manifest the best of who they are and who they want to be.

Dianne's focus is on providing immediately applicable tools, tips, and information that can help you get results. Setting a foundation for lasting change - one day at a time, can happy by using the written word and multi-media input to you absorb wisdom, implement positive change, and develop routines that build your self-esteem, self-confidence, and capacity.

Her signature program, The Spiritually Authentic Woman, empowers you to create a new, more joyful life as you let go of living the way OTHERS think you should while discovering your unique, authentic self.

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